Check My Legal Fees Case Study/

Future Bound IT provide AbacusNext Partner support for Check My Legal Fees

Check My Legal Fees are a team of legal costs experts with over 60 years experience in their field.

Like ourselves they are an independent organization and a new business who expect to grow exponentially over the course of 2018. The Check My Legal Fees team currently work from Amicus Online, a stream lined version of Amicus Premium 2016 that is also supported by ourselves.
Due to anticipated business growth, and increasing success in their field (which means more cases and more work ) Check My Legal Fees decided in late 2017 to make a decision to transition from Amicus Online to Amicus Premium 2016 and the APC or Abacus Private Cloud environment. Due to the feature rich capabilities Amicus Premium provides and the additional capacity to store more matters than its online counterpart it seemed to be a logical choice for the firm.

We were approached in October 2017 by Check My Legal Fees who were looking for a UK based AbacusNext partner to support their software inside UK operating hours. As Amicus Online is a hosted service we knew that there would be situations where escalation of issues was required and that we would need to provide support in standard business hours that would extend into the evening. It was on this basis we suggested a 2 month “ramp up” or trial period support contract to allow Check My Legal Fees to assess our support services.

Our engagement began in November of 2017 and ran until the beginning of January 2018. In standard working hours we worked as technical account managers and 1 st line software support for the firm with escalation also in place that we took full accountability for to ensure that service levels were met and issues worked through until resolution. We also provided availability until late evening to allow for time zone differences between ourselves and our partner AbacusNext.

After working through connectivity issues for Amicus Online and improving service levels for the business we were pleased to discover that Check My Legal Fees had decided to sign up with us for a longer term, describing our support services as ‘excellent.’

Check My Legal Fees are due to make a transition to Amicus Premium 2016 and APC shortly with migration underway and we will be supporting the new services as soon as they are live. We’re excited about the potential to grow with the business and anticipate a successful 2018.