Orbit Informatics Case study/

Orbit Informatics is a leading software and BPO or business solution house based in London and Bangladesh. Cost efficiency and structured teamwork has allowed them to excel at the solutions they deliver. From concept and design to development, testing and finally implementation their highly skilled team works with their clients every step of the way.


Orbit initially approached us to discuss a UK based sales and marketing project designed to help them develop their UK presence and win new business and clients. The company is like ourselves a young one and as such we understood the difficulties and tribulations of developing a brand and presence from almost the ground up.


Working closely with Orbit we’ve made sure that our costs were in line with their budget. We are firm believers in helping companies succeed and want to see Orbit grow from strength to strength. Adopting an agile approach to this project has allowed us to provide valuable feedback to the team, and to strengthen and develop Orbit’s outbound marketing campaign in the UK.


We’ve been impressed since day one with the professionalism of Orbit and the quality of the work they produce. From the inception both our businesses have ensured that collaboration and communication are paramount and having received excellent feedback within our first week of this project had proven that we are able to defy distance and work effectively as an extension of Orbit’s sales team.


Although the project is currently in early stages and has not been without it’s challenges it is ongoing, and we feel that it’s going to grow from strength to strength. We’re limited due to NDA about what can be disclosed as to our strategy but with a background of over 11 years in the industry we’ll continue to go above and beyond to ensure Orbit meet with continued success.


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