Amicus Premium – Startup Package/

The Amicus Attorney Premium Edition Startup Package is a complete package of technical and training services designed to get your firm up and running with Amicus Attorney Premium Edition software.

How does it work?

At a scheduled date and time, one of our service technicians will connect to your firm’s computers over the Internet and install your Amicus software.

First we install Microsoft SQL® (if required) on your server. Then –


  • Installation of your Amicus Server software
  • daily backups of your data.
  • We help ensure your data is secure and protected.
  • Installation of the Amicus workstation software on each desktop in your office.
  • Setup each of your firm members with their own Amicus Office.

Once the software is installed, the technician will work with you to customize things like your firm member types, your workgroups, security profiles and access rights for different types of firm members.

We’ll also help with where your documents will be stored and managed. We will also setup the link between your Amicus Server and your Outlook (if required).

What’s included in this service package?

Installation of Microsoft SQL®
Installation of the Amicus Server
Installation of up to 10 Amicus workstations
Initial setup of Firm Members and Workgroups
Initial setup of Security Profiles
Initial setup of Reporting Services and Document Management settings
Initial setup of auto-backup system to protect your data
Initial setup of the Amicus-Outlook® Link

How long does this service take?
Completion of this Services Package usually requires 8-10 hours of time. You will not need to be present for the entire duration.

We also support Upgrade and customized packages. Contact us for further information on this and additional packages today.

Work With an Abacus Next Partner/

Future Bound IT are an independent IT Consultancy who are an Abacus Next partner specializing in Amicus Attorney solutions. Amicus Attorney are a global leader in practice management software with over 250,000 customers worldwide.


Amicus software increases your firm’s productivity, allows for greater collaboration with clients whilst allowing for better billing, time management and also collections whilst reducing your administration and giving you peace of mind and more freedom to work the way you choose.

Technology Readiness Assessment/

If you’ve been thinking about changing how your law firm currently operates, we can help you assess and explore all possible options with a Technology Readiness Assessment. We will design a custom tailored solution that we’ll then deploy and manage for you so you can focus on what you do best: practicing law!


With the support of Amicus Attorney and Abacus Law we are able to provide custom training programs that facilitate the full use and understanding of Amicus Attorney solutions and that are designed meet your specific needs and goals. These training programs are designed to increase productivity and efficiency for all staff.

What Amicus Customers are saying/

“Amicus gives me the ability to be a great advocate for my clients, and still have a life outside the office” – Peter Merani

“I really appreciate the fact that I can access my calendar from my phone for easier scheduling when in the field”

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