Consultancy services

We provide specialist consultancy services for data networking, unified communications and software projects. We’ve worked on and delivered IT projects for organisations as diverse as enterprise law firms with a global footprint to organisations that are the beating heart of our community.

Working horizontally with stakeholders and IT teams we deliver projects with agility, improving service levels when necessary and helping companies adopt technology and adapt to change.

We provide consultancy services for a range of IT and people-first projects:

  • Network audits
  • Unified communications strategy and adoption
  • Network security
  • Private cloud technology assessment
  • Community consultancy
  • Project Management


We are a ScanSource and Intelisys Global cloud services partner. Intelisys are the largest technology services distributor in the world and are widely regarded as a leader in a telecommunications network and cloud services. As a value-added reseller and systems integrator, we sit next to our customers working as trusted advisers helping them make informed choices about services, technology and cost savings.

We share the same values as our partner of freedom and independence. Like Intelisys we believe there are no floors or ceilings and no limits to what can be achieved when we work horizontally and collaboratively.

We work with integrity, honesty and transparency. We can provide cloud-based services and solutions for any sized organisation and for a variety of environments. Our value lies in our ability to help our customers adapt to change by making responsible decisions that let them transition from traditional on-premise infrastructure to highly secure environments.

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